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It’s the start of a new year and we all know what that means. With every New Year a new batch of vacation is available for all to avail easily. Vacations that you can use to spend some quality time with your friends and family or even to get away from all of this lively and stressful day job and just relax somewhere that has all of the necessities you need.
But the thing is when it comes to planning a vacation everything seems perfectly fine until you start working on it. Choosing the right destination, choosing the right hotel and choosing the perfect amount of budget accordingly to your vacation itinerary. Managing and planning all of these things always sound like an easy task in our minds but putting these things into perspective is quite difficult. Well, let us put your mind to ease by telling you about a place located at the center of London offering you a wide range of amazing services under a single roof at an astoundingly low price.
A 5 star hotel located at the center of London offering you all of the services you need to get a perfect retreat from your hectic lifestyle of every day and that place is none other than the Montcalm Marble Arch Hotel.
A beautifully designed hotel masterpiece located at the heart of London. With more than 500 rooms including presidential suite, The Wow Montcalm Suite, Family Suite, Royal Suite, Executive Club and so many other types of room that you can avail without a hassle. At Montcalm they strive to provide nothing but the best to their consumers, they pamper you in every way possible so that you may have the time of your lives when you stay with them.
Due to this amazing quality of services they provide their consumers they have won the trip advisor award not once but thrice. Which is quite a huge feat, considering the fact about how trip advisor works.
They also have two stunning restaurant’s in the hotel and a superb bar that’s fully stocked with the finest alcohol brands from all around the globe. So, if you were looking for a place to host a meeting with your colleagues then this retreat hotel can partake in both the activities.
Now that we have talked about the amazing services and the top-notch rooms the hotel offer, let’s talk a bit about some additional accommodations they provide. Currently, they are offering two loyalty programs that are The Montcalm Club Rewards and Corporate Club Rewards. The difference among the two is that you can only participate in the club rewards while staying at the hotel where the corporate rewards are easily accessible to the regular guests that visit the hotel on a monthly basis. But in retrospect both the reward system offer some exclusive discounts on their services and also cuts back the additional costs that you might had to spend.
With all this said, if you are certain on taking a retreat from all the hectic lifestyle you are currently facing then this is by far the best place you can imagine to visit and just to sweeten the deal even more. With The Montcalm Promo Codes get some exclusive discount on your favorite room and this is aside from the corporate and Club rewards making this package even sweeter for you to avail this New Year.