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Defined as communication over a distance, telecommunication plays a huge role in our lives today. Referring to the exchange of information by electronic and electrical means over a significant distance, not only has it made lives easier and convenient, it has also helped many spheres of technology in becoming more efficient. Why telecommunication has grown over the years and become so integral is because as people and cities throughout the planet grew, there was a better way needed to relay messages between one another.
1- The most expensive mobile phone in the world costs around £6.7 million. It’s a version of the famous iPhone and made from solid GOLD, encrusted with about 500 diamonds. Making our wildest dreams come to life, this is a phone of our dreams.
2- FLAG (Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe) is the longest phone cable and is approximately 16,800 miles long connecting Japan to the United Kingdom. Worth mentioning is the fact that It can carry 600,000 calls at one time.
3- If you are from the golden era of Nokia phones then you must be familiar with the iconic tone for receiving SMS text messages. In reality, it isn’t a tone but actually Morse code for SMS.
4- In the history of the US, the most profitable invention was not the light bulb or the celebrated computers but telephones.
5- The very first text message was by Neil Papworth saying “Merry Christmas”. Yep, this person was particularly excited about this holiday, just like we all are!
6- When the phone as first invented, it wasn’t much appreciated by the public and during the first month of the Bell Telephone Company's existence in 1877, the number of phones sold was only six. Yes, people had been super critical of technology. Poor Graham!
7- You might wonder with the introduction of phones, people must be using it to the fullest. But surprisingly the most important use of phones isn’t to text or call but to check the time. Way to go, millennial.
8- His invention being celebrated all over the world, Graham received a tribute where all phones ceased ringing for a full minute in 1922. How satisfying….
9- NASA research centre has some interesting facts about how powerful your phone is. Your average phone has more computing power than the computers that were used for the Apollo 11 moon landing. Imagine that!
10- The very interesting country of Malaysia now allows people to LEGALLY divorce their partners over text message. Dumped over text, how awful is that.
11- People are so addicted to their devices that there is a phobia associated with the fear of being without your phone or losing your phone signal. It’s called Nomophobia. 12- This might come as the greatest surprise but the industry is full of surprises. The world's most popular phone is the Nokia 1100 and over 250 million 1100s have been sold. Can you beat that Apple?
Now allowing you to listen to people that are across the ocean, telecommunication has enhanced our lives to a great extent. It is a necessity worth appreciating and being thankful for.