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Keep Your Wardrobe In Great Shape With These 5 Tips
5 tips to help you keep your wardrobe tidy and easy to use, and to help keep the contents in great condition too.
The wardrobe tends to be a bit of an unsung hero, forgotten in favour of other more actively used furniture like the bed. The wardrobe actually deserves much more love, after all it cares for all those clothes and shoes, the items that we love to mix and match to express ourselves, to protect our body, to enhance our careers and love life.
Even if you have a really solid and well-made wardrobe, it does need a little care and maintenance to keep everything working as it should.
Here are 5 tips to help you show your wardrobe a little love, and to help it love you back by keeping its contents in great shape:

1. Keep An Eye Out For Rust Or Rot?

If you have a metal open wardrobe, it isn't immune to rust. The screw points in particular can be prone to a little rusting so it makes sense to check the frame regularly in case you need to treat any issues. The sooner you treat rust, the less likely it is to spread. With a wooden wardrobe, you're less likely to see issues. However, if you have an issue with mites or any unseen damp or mould, you may find damage to the structure. Just like rust, the quicker these issues are resolved the easier your wardrobe will be to save.

2. Prevent Moth Infestations

Cleaning your wardrobe regularly will help to prevent moths. You may also wish to seal expensive garments in bags. If you do find a moth infestation, deal with it quickly to prevent further damage to your clothes.

3. Don't Overload Your Wardrobe

To keep your wardrobe practical and accessible, don't overload it with every piece of clothing you own. Consider storing seasonal wardrobe items in cheap self storage so that you only have a wardrobe filled with items you can use in the current season.

4. Declutter

Is it time to get on board with Marie Kondo and declutter your wardrobe? Take everything out of the wardrobe and place it on the bed, then go through each item and if you haven't worn it for the last six months, you don't like it or it doesn't fit you, donate it or sell it. Everything you have kept you will know serves a purpose and is in your wardrobe because you truly value it and want to use it.

5. Consider Switching Wardrobes

Often we accept the wardrobe we have because somehow the furniture becomes part of the house that we don't notice and we just keep putting up with aspects of it we don't like when we don't have to. So if your wardrobe is not working for you and you need more storage, or you want a wardrobe that is less bulky, sell it and buy something you love. Whether you choose an open wardrobe, racks and rails or maybe an inbuilt wardrobe system you deserve to love it and how it works for you.