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999 Inks was established back, in 2005 with just two employees. With a simple system, that one of them was a manager, and the other was a multi-tasker. It was that simple and humble beginning, is what made it into the enormous, industry that it is today, in-fact both of them shared responsibilities, such as customer services, packing and dispatching orders. However, as the company grew, so thus the times changed too. The company progressed along with the ever growing, market of customers, to the point where they could be considered as a front-line leader, of this industry, but the dedication and inspiration that always, originated from the heart of 999 Inks will always, still stay the same. They are now one of the premiere ink cartridge retailers online. That too at amazing prices with their many 999 Inks promo codes. They are always proud, to have such inspirational stores on their network, and that’s why the team behind, this well-oiled machine, works round the clock to make sure the 999 Inks voucher codes, are also featured on their highly user- friendly and up to date. They are very proud to say, their 100% user satisfaction, is what keeps them moving. As the people running 999 Inks, are devoted towards delivering ink extremely fast, this is one of the prime reasons why they established, their interactive online store. 999 Inks discount codes, will also allow you to save on a huge bulk of shipping costs and stuff. That’s why they are rapidly expanding, their staff and are fully dedicated towards, delivering quality ink & toner at reduced prices.